Top 7 tips for an intern to shine at work

Top 7 tips for an intern to shine at work

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Manish Naidu

Manish Naidu

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Background: SMEs often employ interns and there should be a ready list of advice that they can give their interns to make their internship a success.

Every field demands knowledge, but with that experience matters most. Having experience in a specific domain allows one to grow and strengthen their career path. Students after passing out from college often wonder about different job prospects. Choosing to commit to a specific job is a great responsibility. Thus, an internship is a great way for students to put themselves to the test and for SMEs to find fresh talent for their business.

Here is a list of advice that SMEs can offer to interns that join their business.

1. Know your duties well 

Do proper research about your workplace. Understand the aims and objectives of the institution. You must always be prepared to answer any question related to your work. An inability to answer shows carelessness.
Read your company profile and understand where you fit in. Once you’ve understood your duties, make a performance excel sheet and update your work each day to see your growth. 

Do not wait for someone to teach you. Be enthusiastic about learning and consume every piece of knowledge that your workplace has to offer.


2. Professionalism at all times!

How you do your job speaks volumes about you. Therefore, always be professional and consistent in what you do. Your personal and professional lives are separate, keep this in mind.

Resist yourself from gossip and small talk. Have integrity, be sincere and honest in every situation. Keep away from your phone and be committed only to your work. 

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3. Curiosity and openness to criticism 

Do not wait for someone to teach you.  You are here to learn. Be enthusiastic in learning and consume every piece of knowledge that your workplace has to offer.

Remember to keep your ego aside and take criticism as feedback. Find a mentor and ask them to evaluate your work and provide you with positive criticism every few days. Be receptive to every feedback given. 

4. Communicate and socialise

To have a good thought shows intellect but to put it in understandable and impactful words is excellence! Be articulate when you communicate. Choose your words wisely and try to be simple in your words. Confidence in communication will create a good impression about your leadership qualities.


A huge part of effective communication demands to listen. Listen to what your co-workers and boss have to say and respond positively. Know your people and environment well and socialise. Try to have a positive impact on the employees around you.


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5. Exhibit your skills 

No one can know your true potential until you show it to them. Showcase what you’ve got. Do what you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone also do not stagnate, keep consistency in your growth graph. Take everything you do seriously and give it your best. 

6. Be a good observer 

Observation is one of the best learning strategies. Observe how things function in your workplace. When you observe others, you get to learn different leadership styles and work patterns.

These observations can come in handy when you are faced with similar situations. So be vigilant and keep yourself open to learning.

7. Be an asset to the organisation

Although it is an internship, you must take it seriously. Show your loyalty to the organisation and try to benefit it in ways you can. Work dedicatedly without anyone having to tell you to do so and give your ideas on how you can contribute to the organisation and also put it in to action.

These are just a few simple tips that will help interns excel at the workplace.

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