Teachers' Day: Celebrating mentors who shape business journeys

Teachers' Day: Celebrating mentors who shape business journeys


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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India celebrates 5th September as Teachers' Day. The day marks the birth anniversary of S. Radhakrishnan, a former President of India, who always identified himself as a teacher despite his many other achievements. He was a champion of education.


Teachers have a role in shaping our lives from as soon as we start going to school. When it comes to business, mentors, who are teachers of sorts, can guide us towards greater success and fulfilment. The mode of influence can take many forms - providing emotional support, inspiring as a role model or providing insights that equip an entrepreneur better on their journeys.

This Teachers' Day, we asked some GlobalLinker members about the importance of mentors and the impact they have had on their work and life.


Ranu Jain Gupta, Founder, My Sanika Cancer Care Society

There is an interesting story about how I met my mentor, Abhinav Tandon. I was invited to an event to share my entrepreneurial journey. I was the last person to share my experience and I was given only 2 minutes to speak. I thought that nobody paid attention to what I spoke, but turns out Abhinav did listen. He supported my social startup beyond my imagination and it got recognition around the globe. I owe a lot to him.


I strongly believe that a good mentor can help in making your entrepreneurial journey memorable and meaningful. An experienced mentor is a great asset for every entrepreneur in the startup phase. With a mentor, you get a wealth of knowledge that can help your venture grow faster. Under the right mentorship, you get access to so many opportunities. Simple words of encouragement from your mentor can help in building your confidence. And the most important, you get a resource for life. Whether your startup succeeds or not, this connection will still always be there. I have experienced all these things very closely. Truly, I have been blessed. I shall always be grateful to my mentor.


Catherine Nieddu, CEO & Director, CRN Estates & Designs Pvt. Ltd.
I have never had a mentor in the traditional sense, but I learned a lot from the owner of the first (and only) company I worked for - she was a textile & clothing designer and had a very good eye for colour.  As it turns out, colour is also my strength and something that I personally find vital in my life! By working alongside this clever woman, I learned how important colour is in creating just about anything, especially warmth and atmosphere!


I certainly do believe a business mentor can make one's journey more meaningful. A mentor is there to show you the path, explain things on a one to one basis and make sure you stay focused. This can be a big-time saver and make the journey towards your goal more enjoyable and a true learning experience. It is important to note that a mentor is a guide, not a miracle worker - it still takes long hours of work and lots of dedication to reach any goal!


Sanjay Lalwani, CEO, Foodwalas.com
A business mentor plays a very important role to shape a startup journey. Validating your idea is necessary before scaling up so they are the first point of contact before connecting to the outside environment. Entrepreneurs should always consider their mentor as a positive critic, someone who filters out frivolous thoughts and helps you stay grounded. Constant communication is key to getting the best out of your mentor.


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Teachers' Day: Celebrating mentors who shape business journeys


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