National Sports Day: The value of sports in life & work

National Sports Day: The value of sports in life & work


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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August 29 is legendary Indian hockey player Dhyan Chand’s birth anniversary. To commemorate his achievements of leading India to Gold in hockey in three successive Olympics from 1928-1936, the nation celebrates this day as National Sports Day. Sportspersons are awarded on this day and it’s an occasion to recognise the ways in which sport strengthens the fabric of our country.

The achievements of the cricket team in recent times is to be lauded, but on this National Sports Day, let us remember Dhyan Chand, maybe the first great modern superstar from our country to take the world by storm. His legacy is one that has lasted 90 years and shows no sign of dissipating. As a pioneer, he is a leading light from a time India was not free, and the world was embroiled in turmoil.

Today, the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, announced the launch of the National Sports Talent Search portal. The goal, said the Prime Minister, is to go to the grassroots and discover potential - for India does have immense untapped potential when it comes to sports.

It is also good to take a step back and value the impact that sport can play in everyday life. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, sport can play an integral role in maintaining good health and achieving a work-life balance. More than that, athletes are likely to be more successful at the workplace. On the field expertise in a sport can lend itself to making one a better entrepreneur.

Sports forges the following qualities that are an asset at the workplace too.

  • Mental toughness - Being tough mentally is the ability to handle pressure and still perform efficiently. Athletes learn how to deal with the emotions around high-anxiety situations and are well equipped to deal with the googlies that often come their way at the workplace.

  • An understanding of team work - People who have played in team sports have the ability to do well and contribute positively to a team set up. Most work is done in teams in the workplace. An athlete’s attitude is an asset.

  • The ability to go the extra mile - Tying in with mental toughness, this is that quality that sportsmen have in abundance. To work just that little extra to get you over the finish line. Someone who lifts weights at the gym understands this well. That extra repetition after exhaustion has set in long ago. 

The importance of sport cannot be overstated. Go out and play this National Sports Day.


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