How to win a client?

How to win a client?

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GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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It is important for an SME or startup to convert potential leads into an account. A large account can give wings to a startup - establishing a flow of cash and providing the opportunity to work on the firm’s core competency. Here are few strategies for converting a ‘prospective’ account into a loyal client.

1. Do background research on the firm

It is well and good to know about your business inside out. However having extensive knowledge about the prospective firm can go a long way to winning the trust of a potential client. Prospects are put at ease when they find that they are dealing with someone who has prior knowledge about their firm.

2. Pay attention to the introductory briefing 

The introductory briefing will illustrate the need and the pain points for the prospect. Pay attention to these as your understanding of the issues raised could determine whether you get the account or not.

3. Prepare an on-the-spot pitch 

It is prudent to incorporate the insights provided in the briefing in your pitch presentation. It will make your pitch more tailor-made to the clients' requirements and will increase the likelihood of success. There really is no point going on about the virtues of your services if you can’t demonstrate that you will be able to help the client in a meaningful way.

4. Grab the attention of your client 

Building on your pitch, demonstrate that you have the will and intention to do full justice to the project. Showing you mean business can help you stand tall in a crowded marketplace. Establish that the client would be important to you and that you are fully committed to doing your absolute best.

5. Build a lasting relationship 

It is easy to make promises. However, knowing what you are capable of and making reasonable commitments is key in the initial stages of a client coming on board. Effective communication, positive results and a cementing of trust can result in the formation of an account from a client who is just using your services from time to time or who is not sure of committing to you.

Use these strategies to give your small business or startup a boost. Convert your prospective leads and grow your business.


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