Driving growth advantage for auto OEM manufacturers: Wadhwani Advantage

Driving growth advantage for auto OEM manufacturers: Wadhwani Advantage

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Barsha Chatterjee

Barsha Chatterjee

220 week ago — 6 min read

As he sipped a cup of hot tea, Vishal was deep in contemplation. A second generation entrepreneur, Vishal managed the reigns of an OEM company that developed and manufactured precise auto components for three-wheelers, and heavy fabrication vehicles.


While Vishal was more than capable of handling the day-to-day issues of a medium enterprise, he was concerned due to some recent developments in the industry.


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Challenges faced

Due to these developments, Vishal’s OEM company was facing certain business challenges, leading to a disruption in their ways of working. He was concerned about:

  • High dependency on a single client 
  • Development of EV (Electric Vehicles) caused disruptions to the traditional auto OEMs 

He strongly believed that solving these business challenges was possible and of-course this entailed a change in the ways of working.

The need of the hour was ensuring that teams were able to adapt to changes while maintaining consistent productivity/performance levels

Vishal knew that that to be able to achieve this, he needed to get his strategy and plan in place with a clear road-map of how he planned to achieve these goals. With myriad requirements vying for his attention, Vishal knew he could not afford to drop the ball on this.

How did Wadhwani Advantage team help

Vishal connected with Wadhwani Foundation’s Advantage Program team to help him resolve the challenges that his OEM company was facing.


The first order of the day for the Wadhwani Advantage Team, was meeting with Vishal to understand his challenges and also have him fill up the Discovery form- a diagnostic tool that allowed the Wadhwani Advantage team to not only uncover potential challenges faced by his company but also uncover growth drivers that could help the company grow rapidly.


The Discovery tool and discussion with Vishal helped the team uncover the following needs of the INR 100 crore company:


  • Creating a go-to market strategy for their product-line - Customer acquisition would help them lower dependency on one client.
  • HRM – Human resource management - Help them build a high-performance agile team that would deliver results despite changes in ways of working
  • Process excellence and aid in building scale through in-time mentoring and coaching - Helping Vishal create a leaner and a more efficient organization.

Buoyed by the deep understanding of the business that the Wadhwani Advantage team demonstrated, Vishal, with the Wadhwani Advantage team co-created a transformation plan for his company.  A plan that clearly mapped out the various initiatives that would be taken to resolve challenges and harness the power of the growth drivers.


Wadhwani Advantage creating jobs changing lives


How was the transformation plan deployed?

Over the next few months the Wadhwani Advantage team with their ecosystem of industry experts and advisors helped the company with: 

  • Understanding their positioning in terms of go-to market strategy
  • Translating this understanding to create tactical action plans
  • Gaining overall market, product and competitor information to create better plans
  • Setting up its new factory 
  • Re-vamping their HR processes
  • Project-management-support to execute all above initiatives


SME Testimonial


SME Testimonial


Take advantage of our program offerings

  • Unique, flexible engagement with end to end governance
    • Assignments range from short expert consultations to strategic projects, to advisors and CXOs on a part-time basis
    • Defined transformation roadmap mapped to specific measurable outcomes/milestone as per the SME
    • Ownership of governance of the advice and execution to mitigate the risk of sub-optimal outcomes
    • Strong quality controls

  • Curated consultants and advisors
    • 75,000+ professionals (pan India presence)
    • Well scrutinized pool of quality, independent consultants and flexible talent
    • Delivered over 500+ projects for over 600 startups/ SMEs

  • Curated and personalised content
    • Differentiated, actionable, and personalized content
    • Videos, playbooks, DIY Tools, articles and infographics authored by WF
    • Content of external authors to help SMEs learn more about business management and accelerate SME growth


Our Impact and reach

How much do we charge? 

We need an investment of your time – up to 3 hours a week and deep commitment to govern and transform ways of working to create wealth and jobs. We take zero equity and we do not charge any fee while our advisors give you high-quality pro bono hours and PMO assistance at competitive fees.


What are you waiting for?


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