An online store offering a perfect blend of nutritional and tasty snacks

An online store offering a perfect blend of nutritional and tasty snacks


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Nutrition has the power to transform a person’s wellbeing. And the foundation for good nutrition is healthy food. Recognising that snacks and desserts are the major culprits for unhealthy eating, Anvi Gandhi has created a range of foods that are packed with nutritional ingredients, that delight the palate, and keep the weight in check. A nutritionist by profession, Anvi has envisaged The Nutri Lab as the definitive destination for healthy cereals, snacks, granola bars, superfoods, biscuits, beverages and more.

A passion for nutrition

With her rich experience as a nutritionist, Anvi had a very clear business idea. She shares, “I wanted to make healthy food readily available. True healthy food with no hidden ingredients, no artificial ingredients, no sugar, maida or butter and no preservatives. I wanted to make the tastiest of foods healthy and solve the most common problem of snacking. Snacks and desserts are the major indulgences when we eat unhealthy and have limited healthy alternatives to such foods”.

She adds, “We have baked and roasted snacks, not deep fried at any point during the process. We also have nutritious desserts and amazing granola bars! Basically, we make anything that would be suitable for all tastes and age groups. We also customise projects, design food products for clients and do bulk orders”.


The nutri lab


Motivation to sell online

From the word go, Anvi was very clear that she wanted to sell her products online. She opines, “Local business is too restricted. To reach the masses and the nation, selling online is a necessity, not a choice”.

Eager to kickstart her dream to sell across the country, she set herself the task to find the ideal eCommerce platform to create a bespoke online store quickly and conveniently.

Creating an online store with

Anvi came across GlobalLinker’s eCommerce platform ( and was immediately intrigued by the fact that the solution was offered for free to SMEs, with rich customisation features and integrated with payment gateway and logistics. She shares, “While searching on the web I came across The process of creating my online store has been hassle free.” The Nutri Lab online store features a wide range of snacks and beverages with logical categorisation, beautiful banners and display pictures, and an intuitive payment process.

Local business is too restricted. To reach the masses and the nation, selling online is a necessity, not a choice.


An ecosystem for business growth

Anvi believes that GlobalLinker offers SMEs a definitive platform for networking, digitising one’s business and exploring myriad growth opportunities. She shares, “GlobalLinker is a great ecosystem and I am eager to explore it even more. New people and new possibilities can be explored through this platform”.


Armed with the experience of creating an online store during the pandemic, Anvi believes that selling online must be a priority for all business owners. She states candidly, “Creating an online store is a smart business move when you’re looking for high return and low investment. With all the uncertainty we have witnessed lately, selling online has becomes even more critical”.

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